Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play

Somehow Elliott recently turned seven. SEVEN!! How this happened, I don't know. But celebrate we did and of course, Elliott wanted a Star Wars birthday party - and being the fan that I am, I was happy to oblige! We had the party at my studio and it was the perfect blank canvas for a party. Honestly, this was one of the better parties I have thrown. I did a few printable posters, made a lightsaber piñata stick and a fun photo-op area. Everything else was a breeze! You can get the downloads and the DIY for the lightsaber piñata stick right here, along with other details on creating your own party from a galaxy far, far away. In the mean time, here's more from the party! 

Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids | And We Play

How ADORABLE is that little Princess Leia?


Elliott officially had his first day of preschool yesterday. I say officially because there were two days of parent orientation. Two! It was harder than I expected sending him off. It's not his first time going to preschool, but for some reason being in a public preschool is different. He'll be in class 12 hours every week which is awesome for everyone, but you know. I'll miss my little man. He of course ran full speed into the classroom and didn't look back. Typical. He loves it! He even came home excited about a little homework assignment. Homework on the first day? Of preschool? It was a fun assignment and he even said "I love homework!" Lets hope we can keep up that enthusiasm over the next 14 plus years. Hope all of you have had successful first days and weeks of back to school!

P.S. Yes, he's holding what he insists is a "telescope" (toilet paper roll)


We recently bought some all purpose shorts for Elliott - at least we think they are all purpose. They are his shorts for soccer, swimming, and general running around in. To me they are the perfect length, short - but not too short. He has a few pairs of swim shorts that we love, but they can ride up and look more like a speedo after a bit of running around. The best part? They are on sale! I mean, seriously on sale. So I thought I should mention it to you in case any of you are looking for some perfect shorts for your littles. They come in a couple of great colors. We just bought the gray ones with the sale, I can't wait to get them! Now, we're off to the pool with the shorts. We really do love them. 


When Elliott was a baby we used to call him a little leprechaun (among other not so cutesy names i.e. little old man boy, big belly round face). Thankfully he has outgrown that resemblance but since we do have quite a bit of Irish in our blood (my first name is an Irish last name after all!) I thought we should represent with a little shamrock shirt DIY. He of course thinks the gold is pixie dust and that it means he can fly off of the couch. So he loves it endlessly. You can see the whole tutorial over here on Momtastic

And in case you missed it, check out more shamrockin' DIY action here.


I wrote up a little article on the little things that Preston and Elliott do together both on a regular basis and as special daddy and me time. It warms my heart to watch them together, playing and reading and telling lame jokes. It also gives me (the only girl) some much appreciated alone time! If you are interested in seeing more about it, here is the article over on The Neighborhood