We love the drive-inn | And We Play
We love the drive-inn | And We Play
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As I mentioned before, we recently shared one of our favorite summer activities with Elliott - the drive-inn! We had so much fun. It was great being able to experience it for the first time again through him. We piled every pillow and blanket we own into the trunk and cuddled in for the movie. Being in the trunk with all three of us didn't last all that long, but Elliott took full advantage of it! If you don't know already, you get two movies for the price of one at the drive-inn. The first movie was kid-friendly, and we explained to Elliott that the second movie wasn't for him. He did so good not watching it and playing on our phones and eventually falling asleep. It was like a family night and a date night all wrapped into one! I love seeing all of the other families at the drive-inn piled up in their mini vans with snacks and blankets. The drive-inn is such a nostalgic american past-time. Preston and I both grew up in Florida where it's far too hot to go to the drive-inn in the summer. But here in Utah, it's perfect! As soon as the sun goes down it's nice and cool, perfect for sitting in the car for a few hours. We will definitely be going back this summer. It's too fun not to! 


happy easter!
Easter egg hunt
Egg hunt
Easter basket goodness
Easter day

I hope you had a great Easter weekend! We sure did. We had more than our fair share of egg hunts and the kids were begging for more. Imagine that! We had a visit from the bunny and he left some pretty great stuff for little man. He's obsessed with his new camera and his nesting dolls. Which makes the bunny very, very happy. Easter day, though a lot of fun, was on and off a day of discipline for Elliott. Just because sugar has replaced every ounce of blood in your body, doesn't give you an excuse to misbehave. Or does it? For Elliott's outfit, I was determined to find some mint green pants to go with the grey shirt. You would be surprised how hard it is to find mint pants that will work for a little boy. I finally found the perfect ones here, and we love them. A lot. We ended the day in a sugar coma and with tears that Easter can't be every day. Now back to real-life!


Watercolor plastic eggs
Watercolor plastic eggs

Happy Easter weekend! We have had Elliott's cousins here the last few days and they were kind enough to help me decorate these eggs. Let me tell you about these eggs! They totally look like regular eggs, you can dye them or paint them like regular eggs, but they are in fact plastic! Basically, no more egg salad for the two weeks after Easter. And we can re-use them next year, if we don't want to make more of course. We found them at Walmart for less than $2 per dozen. I highly, highly recommend if you are planning on decorating some eggs before Sunday. This weekend we will be participating in more than one egg hunt, making a few things and waiting for the bunny to show up. Have a great Easter!

A few of my favorite links for the week:

Bunny lollipops, how have we not thought of this until now?

Bunny benches!

Going on a egg hunt this weekend? 

One rad poster.

I'm obsessed with this pop-up birthday message.

A new amazing book is about to hit virtual shelves. I can't wait!

I want to go on this picnic. So, so badly.

The coolest interactive book. Ever. 


Rubber cement eggs

Last Easter post? Maybe! If you are looking for a fun last minute way to give your dyed eggs some pattern, try rubber cement. Yep, rubber cement. After trying hot glue and having a straight up crafting failure with that, rubber cement was my second try and it turned out perfectly. Check out the full tutorial over here on Handmade Charlotte. If you are making these with little ones, please watch them closely. If they have to I.D. me when I buy rubber cement, we probably shouldn't leave our littles unattended with it. Right? Right. Have fun and happy Easter!


picnic | And We Play
Sunset at the drive-inn | And We Play
Pizza | And We Play
Sunday walk | And We Play

Hello, Monday! Like I said last week, I am going to be slowing things down a bit as far as posts go this week since little man is on Spring break. But I had to share some snippets of the past few days around here. We ended up going to the drive-inn and we had such a great time sharing that with Elliott. He thought it was so cool we were watching a movie outside! But more on  that later. We visited with some friends, had an impromptu picnic and had some amazing food truck food. I am still dreaming about that pizza. And Sunday was pretty much the perfect way to end a busy weekend. We strolled, we slept, and we just spent some quality time together. It was fantastic. I may or may not be peeking in a time or two this week to post some last minute Easter fun. So you'll just have to check back and see! Hope your week is off to a great start!


watercolor paints

Happy weekend! I am so ready for this weekend and next week. I am taking a little bit of time off to spend some serious fun time with Elliott as it is his spring break. Lots of trips to the park, maybe the aquarium, and some other things we have been wanting to do. This weekend we don't have much planned yet. But I am itching to head to the drive-inn. We did it last year a few times just Preston and I, and I can't wait to share that goodness with Elliott. And per usual, we will probably do some painting. You can't imagine how many works of art we have all over our house! As much as I love, LOVE sharing my creative kiddo projects with you guys, sometimes there is something I love so much and want to share but just haven't had the space here to do it. And so! I've decided to start sharing some of my favorite links from around the web for the week every Friday. Just a few links to favorite images, ideas, pins, recipes, etc. You get the idea. It's not a new one that's for sure! So hopefully you guys enjoy them :)

Have a great weekend, friends. Here are this week's links!

These grilled cheese recipes have me feeling adventurous.

I'm obsessed with this brilliant Easter craft.

Easter balloons? Yes, please!

These would be sweet to have in a basket or two.

Amazing art center for littles.

Adorable bunny tees for kids!

Are you an apple or a pear? I think I might be both.


Gender neutral Easter basket fillers

Have you started collecting Easter basket fillers yet? I am just about done with Elliott's basket and I am trying to be good and not go overboard, as I have a tendency to do. I love gathering toys and treats for Elliott's basket. I wanted to put together a gender neutral post of basket filler ideas and I think I might have pulled it off! It's hard for me not to think boy stuff all the time. But I have to say, that little girls swim suit might be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It's kind of a tradition in my family to give the kids a new swim suit for Easter. Maybe it's in hopes that summer will hurry it up. Any little one would love getting this loot in their Easter basket this year. In fact, Elliott is getting quite a bit of what's pictured. Some of these items would even be small enough to fit into a few plastic eggs too. The less candy being digested by my little guy, the better. Happy filling!

Nesting dolls, Bunny coloring book, Swim suit (boys), Swim suit (girls), Chalk, Toy camera, Tattoos, Balloon animals


Easter egg dominoes printable
Printable egg dominoes
Egg domino printable

Who doesn't love dominoes? How about some Easter egg dominoes? Yes, please! My goal is to have these be substitutes in some of the plastic, normally filled with pure sugar, eggs for his Easter basket. Let's see if I can resist playing dominoes with him until then! For anyone who doesn't know how to play dominoes, you just turn them all over so you can't see the numbers, then one by one pick an egg and turn it over adding on and matching the numbers up. At least that's how I have always played. It's a great game to play with little ones who are learning to count and recognize numbers. You can download the dominoes here. We watercolored the backside of the page and let it dry before cutting out the eggs just to make things a little more fun when they are turned over. You can let your little ones paint, color, add tape, or anything else fun you can think of. 

Printable egg dominoes for kids


DIY pom pom Easter eggs!
Easy DIY pom pom Easter eggs!

If you are looking something fun and a little different this year for your eggs, may I suggest these pom pom eggs? Elliott and I had a blast making them and he just thinks they are the cutest things ever. He also mentioned there could be alien babies inside, but you know. Besides being cute - or other worldly - they also provide some cushion for the eggs. Just saying. If you want to make some - and you know you do - you can see more over here on Momtastic