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Shopping for baby can be tricky, there are so many stages while they are still a baby! I tend to buy gifts that they will soon grow into rather than what they are ready for now. Just to get some more time out of it! Shopping for baby is funny because really, let’s be honest. They don’t want anything, you want them to have it. So it’s kinda like a gift for you too!

1. This placemat goes everywhere with us. We have several! It’s perfect for babies just learning to eat independently. I love that it suctions to the table and stays in one place too! 2. We love the blankets from Milk Snob! They are beautifully made and so so soft. 3. The cutest little shoes for tiny feet! 4. The most adorable set of science books for baby. It’s never too early to start in on quantum physics, right? 5. This colorful baby toy is a definite favorite in our family! The colors are adorable, and all of the little rings and knobs make it easy to grasp and fun for baby. 6. Who doesn’t love a banana toy? We love this teether! The texture is interesting and I love how realistic it looks. 7. Possibly the most beautiful play gym ever! Simple and just gorgeous! 8. A fun little onesie! The best part about this one? It’s only $5! 9. We are big ball pit fans over here. My little ones play for hours in ours! I love the soft sides and while I can get on board with a grey scale for sure, I think I would love to get some pretty colorful balls to fill it with. So fun!


Toddler Gift Guide.jpg

It’s gift guide time! Toddlers are probably my favorite to shop for. Everything is so fun and cute! This roundup is pretty gender neutral and I love it all! It’s also pretty practical, because what is more fun than a practical gift. Happy shopping!

1. This adorable book and really needed, don’t you think? 2. I love these little feminist books for Pepper! 3. Triangle crayons! I had completely forgotten about triangle crayons! They are perfect for little hands and bonus, they don’t roll away! 4. The softest and cutest plush toy for kids of any age! I especially love these because each design has a different message for your little ones. 5. We have this balloon animal night light and it is the best! You just squeeze the leg to turn it on and it is on a timer so it will automatically turn off! 6. These rainbow Vans are the cutest little shoes I have ever seen. I actually have these for myself and love them. I would die to get some for my littles! 7. These magnaformers are heaven sent. They keep little hands busy and happy for a long time, perfect for outings where you would prefer your kids aren’t screaming, running, you get the idea. 8. We love all of the clothes from Whistle + Flute, this mac & cheese shirt would be adorable paired with paints or a skirt and so comfortable too!


DIY Scratch Off Valentines With Free Printable! | And We Play

You know when you have an idea and you get down-right giddy thinking about it? That was me with these Valentines! I love the fun lotto ticket feel these have - and no, I don't condone gambling! Ha! These are perfect for handing out to little friends and classmates. You can attach a small treat to the back if you want too! Kids will LOVE getting these. The thrill of scratching off those dots to see if you're a winner is just the best! And making them is easy peasy. Just download the cards here, print onto your choice of colored cardstock, cut them out, write in a secret message for your valentine, stick on the scratch off stickers and you're good to go! Have fun and good luck not putting these stickers on everything you see!

DIY Scratch Off Valentines For Kids | And We Play
DIY Scratch Off Valentines With Free Printable! | And We Play
DIY Scratch Off Valentines With Free Printable! | And We Play
DIY Scratch Off Valentines - Click Through For The Free Printable! | And We Play


Party with Elephant & Piggy! | And We Play

We love Elephant & Piggie at our house, so we were SO excited to partner with Disney-Hyperion on a party to celebrate 10 years of the series! We wrapped up some fun books, including the new book The Good For Nothing Button, we decorated lanterns (so, so fun), had some snacks and of course, read! Pepper loves books, and Elliott loves reading to her. Needless to say it was adorable! It was a fun and super easy way to celebrate one of our favorite book series. Check out more below as well as a GIVEAWAY!

Party With Elephant & Piggie! | And We Play
Party With Elephant & Piggy! | And We Play
Party with Elephant & Piggy! | And We Play

I mean, can you even handle the cuteness?

Party With Elephant & Piggie!
Party With Elephant & Piggie! | And We Play
Party With Elephant & Piggie! | And We Play
Party with Elephant & Piggy! | And We Play

Now, about that giveaway! Here's what you will win:

One (1) winner will receive:

- The Good for Nothing Button

- 4 books from the Elephant & Piggie series

 - Elephant & Piggie stress balls and temporary tattoos!

To enter to win, just leave a comment here, and make sure to include your email address! The winner will be chosen at random and contacted. Easy, peasy. Good luck! Giveaway open to US addresses only.Prizing provided by Disney-Hyperion.

AND just in case the Elephant & Piggie series is new to you (you are in for a treat!) here are our top 10 faves to get you started:

1. Elephants Cannot Dance!

2. Can I Play Too?

3. Should I Share My Ice Cream?

4. Happy Pig Day!

5. My New Friend Is So Fun!

6. I Will Take A Nap!

7. The Thank You Book

8. Listen To My Trumpet!

9. Should I Share My Ice Cream?

10. Are You Ready To Play Outside?

Thanks again to Disney-Hyperion for sponsoring this post! We love these books and we are pretty sure your family will too.



This is seriously the easiest and most fun project I have done in a while. I might be a chalk making addict now. These are absolutely perfect for little Easter baskets and I mean, they're just freaking adorable, right? Let's make some!

Easy DIY Peep Chalk for Easter! | And We Play
Easy DIY Peep Chalk for Easter! | And We Play

They are SO easy to make. All you need is paris of plaster, water-based color powder (I LOVE these!), this peeps mold, and some ziplock bags. Now, in a ziplock, just mix one cup of plaster with 3/4 cup of cold water and add as much color as you want. Keep in mind, the deeper the color the more vibrant they will be for drawing! Make sure the mixture is really, really mixed. No clumps! Then snip off a corner of the bag and carefully pour the mix into the molds. Wait for them to dry and you are DONE. See? So easy.

Easy DIY Peep Chalk for Easter! | And We Play
Easy DIY Peep Chalk for Easter! | And We Play
Easy DIY Peep Chalk for Easter! | And We Play


This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. 

Movie night with SING! | And We Play

It's nothing new to say we love movies. And we really love family movie night! With Elliott being such a musical dude (he's constantly singing) we thought it would be fun to surprise him and have a movie night with the new SING Special Edition Blu-ray release! We put out our favorite treats, and made this super easy and fun confetti featuring characters from the movie to have a fun and easy movie night at home.

Movie night with SING! | And We Play
Movie night and DIY character confetti | And We Play

To make the confetti, you'll need this print-out, some white card-stock and a 3/4 or 1 inch hole punch. I used a circle and a star. Just print, and punch! So easy and your kids will love picking out their favorite characters.

Movie night with SING! | And We Play

Elliott loved the movie and Pepper even watched a little too! It was funny, heartwarming and had great music that was perfect for Elliott to entertain us with our own little impromptu concert. The movie features over 65 songs including a new song from Stevie Wonder! Needless to say, Preston and I really appreciated that.

Movie night with SING! | And We Play

SING is filled with music and comedy, PLUS the new Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD includes over and hour of bonus content that incorporates three new mini movies with the case from SING! We love us some bonus content!

Movie night with SING! | And We Play

You can pick up a copy of the SING Special Edition Blu-ray now for your own family movie night! Don't forget the confetti!

Watch the trailer below and find out more about the movie:

From Illumination, the studio that brought you The Secret Life of Pets and the Despicable Me franchise, comes an animated comedy about finding the music that lives inside all of us. SING stars Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, an eternally optimistic koala who puts on the world’s greatest singing competition to save his crumbling theater; Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, an overworked and unappreciated mother of 25 piglets desperate to unleash her inner diva; Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rock porcupine with a beautiful voice behind her prickly exterior; Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young gangster gorilla looking to break free of his family’s felonies; as well as Seth MacFarlane, John C. Reilly, and Grammy Award-nominated Tori Kelly. SING is the musical comedy event of the year!


Happy heart kid games and activities are perfect for kids | And We Play

We have been fans of Happy Heart Kid for a while now and they just keep coming out with great, fun and educational things for kids. These are especially great for kids who are just learning some social things like manners, for example. Elliott just turned 8 and he still loves them! 

Happy heart kid games and activities are perfect for kids | And We Play
Happy heart kid games and activities are perfect for kids | And We Play

There are lots of craft activities they can do which will keep little hands busy for a while (you're welcome, moms!) Elliott's favorite is the Mind Your P's & Q's game. He loved being able to create the little people that you use on the game board. Check out all of their kits and games, they make great gifts too!

Happy heart kid games and activities are perfect for kids | And We Play


Stuck On You Cactus Valentine Temporary Tattoos | And We Play

Valentine's day is just a few days away and if you are in a crunch to come up with something cute, I've got you covered...get the pun? Ha! These temporary tattoos are super easy and fast to make. Just download, print onto temporary tattoo paper, and cut to hand out to little friends. These are great as a no-candy valentines for school which we have mixed feelings about in our house. 

Stuck On You Cactus Valentine's Temporary Tattoos | And We Play