happy easter!
Easter egg hunt
Egg hunt
Easter basket goodness
Easter day

I hope you had a great Easter weekend! We sure did. We had more than our fair share of egg hunts and the kids were begging for more. Imagine that! We had a visit from the bunny and he left some pretty great stuff for little man. He's obsessed with his new camera and his nesting dolls. Which makes the bunny very, very happy. Easter day, though a lot of fun, was on and off a day of discipline for Elliott. Just because sugar has replaced every ounce of blood in your body, doesn't give you an excuse to misbehave. Or does it? For Elliott's outfit, I was determined to find some mint green pants to go with the grey shirt. You would be surprised how hard it is to find mint pants that will work for a little boy. I finally found the perfect ones here, and we love them. A lot. We ended the day in a sugar coma and with tears that Easter can't be every day. Now back to real-life!


Printable easter kids coloring pages
Printable kids coloring pages for Easter!
Printable kids coloring pages for Easter

Ready for a printable? Of course you are! We have been having a lot of fun coloring these. They are the perfect thing to print off and get your kids pumped for Easter! You can download the eggs here and the bunny here. Print off a bunch because trust me, your kids will be addicted. Elliott has been asking me to print off more and more for him to color. He has even started cutting out the eggs and hiding them in plastic eggs for us to find. Man I love that kid. He named the rabbit Leo and added the bow tie, which of course I love and wish I had thought to add when I designed it. The point is, your littles will amaze you when you let them loose to create. And that is the best. Happy coloring!

Easter coloring pages for kids
Printable coloring pages for Easter


Make your own Easter egg party straws
Make your own Easter party straws
Easter party straw DIY

This year for Easter we are going to make things a little more fun and special than we have in the past at our house. I thought it would be fun to make Easter dinner more like a mini-party. These egg straws will be fun for the kids (and adults) to enjoy. You could even make them plain and let the kids decorate their own! They are super easy to make and the best thing about them is they are totally customizable. Do whatever you want with them! Want to make some of your own? Of course you do. Here's how.

Make your own Easter party straws

I found some paper mache eggs at the craft store for next to nothing and just drilled a hole in the top and the bottom. You will want to pick a drill bit that is barely bigger than your straw so it will fit snuggly. Also, when you drill, start out very slowly so you get a nice clean hole. 

Make your own Easter egg party straws

Next, paint! I went with white, but you could do any color combo you want! Some nice pastels perhaps? So very eastery. 

Make your own Easter egg party straws

I thought it would be cute and fun for the kids to have their names on them. This is also a great way of keeping track of your drink! I used a paint marker to ensure the names were clear. Plus, paint pens are so easy to use. Next I decorated the eggs with dots and dashes. Again, you can do whatever you want! Keep them plain, go for stripes, gold leaf them, you get the idea. And that's it! You are ready to party Easter style.

Make your own Easter egg party straws
Make your own Easter party straws


Easter sticker download
Easter sticker printables
Easter sticker printables

Can you believe Easter will be here in just a few weeks? Crazy! I wanted to make something really simple to make your Easter special. If you don't do big elaborate baskets (I don't blame you) then these are perfect for filling with a few eggs and some candy. They are also great for gifting to friends or neighbors. We are planning on filling these with special treats for Elliott and his cousins, as a little surprise for Easter. I found the little buckets in one of my favorite places on earth. The Target dollar isle! But you could use the stickers for anything. Paper bags, baskets, buckets, you name it. You can download the sticker designs here. Just download, print them out onto sticker paper and cut them out. If you want to get real crafty, you can have your little ones color the images. Fancy, right? No matter what you use the stickers for, I am pretty sure your little ones will love them. So do them a solid and print them out, would ya?

Printable Easter stickers
Easter treat buckets
Printable easter stickers
Easter sticker buckets



It's officially Spring and boy are we happy about it. What better way to welcome Spring than with a fun DIY? I am a little bit obsessed with this one. It was so fun to make with Elliott, he has been asking to make more! You can download the cloud print here and print it out at your local staples for under $2. It prints out to 18x24 inches. Or you can make your own cloud easily with a sharpie marker. Whatever floats your boat! You can see the full tutorial we did over here, and if you make one of your own, I would love to see it!