Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play

Somehow Elliott recently turned seven. SEVEN!! How this happened, I don't know. But celebrate we did and of course, Elliott wanted a Star Wars birthday party - and being the fan that I am, I was happy to oblige! We had the party at my studio and it was the perfect blank canvas for a party. Honestly, this was one of the better parties I have thrown. I did a few printable posters, made a lightsaber piñata stick and a fun photo-op area. Everything else was a breeze! You can get the downloads and the DIY for the lightsaber piñata stick right here, along with other details on creating your own party from a galaxy far, far away. In the mean time, here's more from the party! 

Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids! | And We Play
Easy and fun Star Wars birthday party for kids | And We Play

How ADORABLE is that little Princess Leia?


Printable Star Wars party bags | And We Play

If you know me, you know I grew up wearing Star Wars t-shirts and watches. I handed out Han Solo valentines (because he's the best!) at school and to say I was obsessed would be a severe understatement. Preston was equally obsessed, and collected tons of Lego Star Wars sets and Elliott is definitely following in our footsteps. SO! You can imagine how excited we are about the new Star Wars movie coming out! So much so, I decided to design some fun party bags for any of you fellow Star Wars lovers. Again, I am a total Star Wars nerd.

Printable Star Wars party bags | And We Play

Let's make some, shall we?

Printable Star Wars party bags | And We Play

To make your own, you'll need this handy dandy printable! Print the design out onto sticker paper like this. You'll also need some fun bags, colored pencils and scissors. 

Printable Star Wars party bags | And We Play

Have your Star Wars obsessed kiddo color the ships. We left the Millennium Falcon white for contrast reasons. But I am thinking a pink Falcon would be pretty rad too!

Printable Star Wars party bags | And We Play

Now, cut out the designs, peel the paper backing off and stick them onto your bags! You are now ready for an epic Star Wars party!

Printable Star Wars party bags | And We Play

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The fourth of July is next week! I can't believe it. When I was a kid I loved sparklers (still do!) but I would always hold it with the very tips of my fingers for fear of getting burned. Knowing that Elliott is a lot like me in that way, I made these little sparkler holders to help prevent that. They worked like a charm! I made them in stars and USA maps to keep with the patriotic theme. Though the map was a bit harder to make, it's my favorite. If you're spending the fourth with littles and sparklers, then these are perfect for you! 
Start off printing off the shapes you would like. I just borrowed some images from google. Super easy. Then cut them out. 
Next, trace the shapes onto some cut up cardboard. I used a wheat thins box, but any thinner cardboard will do.
Then cut out your shapes! Again, the stars were way easier than the map, but I still think the map was worth the hand cramp.
 Now grab some patriotic duct tape and cover your shapes! 
You can trim off the tape one of two ways. You can try scissors which can be a little frustrating but still works, or grab a cutting mat and an exacto knife. It's way faster and cleaner with the knife.
Now that your shapes are all trimmed up, use an awl to make a hole in the center for the sparklers to fit through. You could use a hole punch as well, but the hole will be bigger.
 Now stick the sparklers in and you're ready to party!


Annie (of the annilygreen variety) and I have teamed up to host CRAFT. A crafting bash full of food, friends and of course, a variety of crafts. Our first one is next week! Tuesday, October 9th at 7:30 pm in Provo. The cost will provide everything you will need to have a grand time and go home with a smile and some festive crafts. All you have to do is show up and have a blast with us. So if you're in the area, and love to craft/make new friends/eat great food then head over to Bear Cave Studios to sign up. We only have so much space for this shindig, so snag your spot before it's too late! We'll see you there!


We've had quite a few of paper lanterns around lately and I've been experimenting. First up, some color blocked lanterns! Super simple, done in no time, lanterns. You'll need a lantern, a sponge brush (they tend to cover more evenly), some paint and some string - in my case, lace.
I love the simplicity and the pop of color they add to the party decor. Next time I might try some polka dots!


A DIY! At last! These chalkboard speech bubble photo props were so simple to make and were a hit at the surprise party last week. People loved coming up with what they wanted to write as a message for my mom or just for fun. 

You'll need:
Poster board
Chalkboard vinyl
Dowel rods

With some poster board, cut out the shape you would like. I did speech bubbles, but I've done other shapes (hearts, shamrocks, pumpkins, hexagons) before! 
 Take some chalkboard vinyl and cut it to the size of your shape.
 Peel the backing off the vinyl and stick it on the poster board, then trim off the excess.
 If you would like, you can paint your dowel rod to make it a bit more colorful.
Attach the rod to the back and add an extra piece of poster board to support the back. And you're done!


A few pictures from my mom's surprise birthday party. It was so much fun to plan and execute along with my sister. There was a lot of fringe and color which did not go with my parent's house at all! It's a very western, log cabin type home, but we were determined to brighten it up a bit for the party. I also bought some 36 inch balloons to use in the decorations, but they ended up being more like 60 inch balloons! So we let them roam around the house instead of hanging them up. The kiddos loved them! My favorite part was probably the photo backdrop. More details on that and a few other party projects coming soon! Happy birthday, Mom! Hope you were pleasantly surprised :)


A packing party can be a great way to have a last hurrah with close friends and family and get the tedious job of packing done at the same time! Make invitations (something that looks like a box?), have some good food and a whole lot of boxes and bubble wrap. You could have games to see who can blow through their "to do" lists the fastest or have a dance competition to see who has the best moves while still packing. Fun, right?

Moving Tip: To help when moving in to the new place, use color coded tapes to let you know what room or even what might be in the box. It ends up going a lot faster than writing it down and having to read it later. (Thanks, Mom!)


I made these mini piñatas for a little cinco de mayo party we had this morning for some local kiddos. I won't give step by step instructions, but if you are interested you can see pretty much the same thing here. I made some minor changes through trial and error, but it's close enough. I used water balloons to get them as mini as I could.After I covered them with paper mache, I rigged up a way to hang them up so they could dry fully. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself for that :) I filled them with some small toys and candy and the kids seemed to really like them. They took far too long to make, but it was fun and a great excuse to get caught up on some shows.

Do you have any fun plans for cinco de mayo? We'll have some yummy mexican food, and hopefully a few siestas! Have a fantastic weekend, friends!