Elliott officially had his first day of preschool yesterday. I say officially because there were two days of parent orientation. Two! It was harder than I expected sending him off. It's not his first time going to preschool, but for some reason being in a public preschool is different. He'll be in class 12 hours every week which is awesome for everyone, but you know. I'll miss my little man. He of course ran full speed into the classroom and didn't look back. Typical. He loves it! He even came home excited about a little homework assignment. Homework on the first day? Of preschool? It was a fun assignment and he even said "I love homework!" Lets hope we can keep up that enthusiasm over the next 14 plus years. Hope all of you have had successful first days and weeks of back to school!

P.S. Yes, he's holding what he insists is a "telescope" (toilet paper roll)