I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend! It feels like forever since I blogged. Maybe the sign of a blogaholic? We recently bought some classic books with newly designed covers for Elliott. They were in the Target $1 bins (go Target!) and we love them. Pretty much every night, we read a chapter from one of the books to Elliott and we thought we could use a bookmark or two to keep our place. These bookmarks are great for your little avid readers in the family. Especially those who are still getting back into the whole school thing. 
I used a cereal box as the base of the bookmark. You can use any cardboard really. Cut it to size and place it on the sticky side of some duct tape. If you are going to use a lighter color, you may need to double up on the tape.
Now for the fun part! To make the decorations, just place a strip of duct tape on a cutting mat and cut the shapes out with an exacto knife. 
Then peel up the tape and you should have your design ready to peel off and stick on your new bookmarks!
Happy reading!