What is better than a set of pretty new pencils? Pretty new pencils with dinos on top! I was going to make these for Elliott - and truthfully he will most likely confiscate them - but for now they are all mine. These would be awesome to put on top of your kiddo's pencils and would make for great play breaks amidst all that learning. They are super easy and pretty fast to make. Here we go!
First, drill your dinos. You'll want to stop occasionally to be sure you can fit the pencil in there securely. You'll most likely have some plastic shavings when you are done. Mine looked like white chocolate. Do not eat them! 
Next, paint! I went with white, but whatever color combo your little heart desires would be just fine. After a few coats and after they are totally dry, you are ready to add them to your pretty pencils.
Aww, dino love.