Last week my boys took me to bear lake for my half birthday. It was gorgeous and fun and perfect. In every way. The water is a beautiful blue color that made me feel like I was in the Caribbean. We decided to go to the most popular beach at the lake, and lucky for us it wasn't crowded at all! It may have had something to do with the fact that school just started and it was a weekday. But still. It was nice. Elliott and I built some drip sandcastles. We were bummed we forgot our sand toys to build a normal sandcastle, but I grew up building drip sandcastles and was happy to share my vast knowledge of dripping wet sand into lumpy towers. Between swimming and dripping sandcastles, the boys decided to rent a canoe. Elliott's first canoe ride! They had a great time paddling around the lake. And after a long day of fun in the sun, we finished the day with some amazingly good raspberry shakes. Bear lake is famous for their raspberries, so you can imagine how delicious the shakes were! It was really a perfect half birthday. I can't imagine a better one.