Hooray for the weekend + hooray for dads! I'm always more excited for holidays than Preston, but he always loves Father's day. Even if he says he could care less..he loves the thoughtful handmade gifts and meals prepared just for him. And I love doing it for him! This is the first year that Elliott knows that the things he has helped me make are for daddy's day and it's a secret. I do wish that we could be with my dad of course. All he wanted this year were frame-able pictures of the grand-kids (aww). Done and done! Do you do anything special on Father's day? I'd love to hear any traditions you might have. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Here are my favorite links for the week. Enjoy!

The perfect summer party.

Absolutely doing this.

These look amazing.

Love this idea.

Simple and kinda perfect dad gift.

If I ever have a child with fine hair (yeah, right!) I am so getting this.

Cute + simple. How we like it around here.