No lullaby

Hello, Friday! If you don't follow me on Instagram, then you are probably wondering about this picture. Every night, I sing a lullaby to Elliott. It's his favorite part of going to bed. This week we have been trying to focus a lot on being respectful to others, golden rule, yada yada, and as with most learning experiences you have to fail to learn. One night as I was singing he was disrespectful (apparently he decided he didn't want me to sing the same song he asks for every other night) and so we took the lullaby away from him for the next night. And you know what that boy said? Not "I'm sorry." Not a "I won't do that again." He said "You won't remember and you'll sing it anyway." And so! The sign was written up as a reminder to everyone that I, mommy was not to sing a lullaby to him that night. It drove him nuts! He hated that reminder being up all day. And that night, he knew he was not getting a lullaby and was apologizing for being disrespectful. I would call that a great parenting moment folks. We're still working on the whole respect thing, but I'll take any progress I can get.

What are your plans this weekend? We don't have any super fun plans yet, but sometimes that's kind of the best isn't it? Whatever you do, have a great weekend! 

A totally binge watch worthy show.

Coolest kid's bed ever.

I want one of each.

The next best thing to real cake.

A cute way to ask littles to be a part of the wedding party.

Fun and simple birthday party.

Some rad cinco inspiration.



This weekend was a whirlwind of busy. We went car shopping, went to lunch with friends, Elliott went  to Disney on Ice and we topped it off with a birthday party. And that was just Saturday! The car shopping is fun but stressful. We like test driving cars - especially the ones we have no intention of buying. Ha! This week is going to be filled with a great mixture of work and fun. We are loving the fall weather we are having. It's been an unusually long fall for these parts and we are so grateful. We're not the biggest fans of snow, so the longer we can take walks and play in leaves, the better! I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a great start.



Our weekend started on Halloween so there was a lot of playing going on as well as a lot of work related things. But still fun ones! Halloween was of course a great time and Elliott had a blast with his cousins going door to door begging for candy. Of which we are trying our best to keep out of reach of little hands in hopes of regulating the sugar consumption. Somedays we are successful. Others, not so much. On Sunday we gathered for a last night with my grandparents before they head home and to celebrate my sister's birthday. I always feel so lucky to have the family I have. All we need to have a good time are a couple of chairs to sit around in and laugh the night away. They really are the best. I hope your Monday is off to a great start!



This weekend was great. We have loved seeing my grandparents again and just hanging out with family. Elliott and his cousins as always, had a grand time playing together. It was fun watching them get excited about all the different colored leaves and run up to show them to me like it was all new for me too. Kids are the best. And Elliott continued his obsession with pumpkin decorating. Isn't it cute? It's a pumpkin self-portrait. Such a likeness! Also Preston and I snuck in a little date night and found a new to us amazing Indian restaurant and saw Wadjda. If you can see it, please do. This week will be a lot like this weekend. Lots of hanging out with family mixed with real-life and trying to get some work done. I hope your weekend was great and your Monday is off to a good start! 

P.S. If you are a Wes Anderson fan, you have to see this



This weekend was filled with fun. My childhood best friend came to town with her little family, it was so great seeing her and seeing Elliott play with her kids was like a dream come true. I remember when we were little we would talk about living next door to each other and our kids would be best friends, just like us. Well, she lives on the opposite side of the country. But it was amazing seeing our kids play! After we parted ways, Elliott kept telling us he wished he had told his new lady friend that he loved her. You can just imagine what that did to my heart. It was a perfect fall weekend. The weather was so crisp and refreshing. We found any excuse to stay outside. I hope your weekend was a great one! Happy Monday!