I hope you all had a great weekend and Father's day! We had a grand time spoiling Preston. Elliott and I made him breakfast, gave him a few gifts (the checkers board was a hit!), and I made dinner. As you can see it had something to do with a whole chicken. This was my first time dealing with a chicken that hadn't been skinned, gutted and boned, and packaged. I know, I'm such a pansy! In my defense, I once had to assist a chicken farmer in Argentina kill and pluck a couple of chickens. Which was obviously far worse than preparing a chicken for dinner. Nonetheless, it was gross but doable and absolutely worth it. The meal was delicious! For dessert I made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches which as I mentioned, are his two favorite desserts in one. So, yes. They were a hit as well! It really was a fantastic weekend. We love you to the moon, Preston.