What's better than a balloon animal? A balloon animal that will never pop! Aren't these adorable? I am seriously obsessed with these guys. I want to collect them all and line them up on my desk so I can look (play) at (with) them all day.  I found them a few months ago when I was drooling over the goodness that is The Land Of Nod and when I saw them, I knew we needed some. My justification was that they would be the gifts Elliott gives to his little friends for Christmas. And while that is still true, I may have ordered a couple more than we needed. Elliott hasn't seen them yet, because we are going to give him one in his stocking - they are the perfect size for it! They come in two types, the pups (dogs) and the corns (unicorns) and  each comes in a bunch of different colors. The only thing is, you can't choose what colors you order, it's a surprise! Which can be a gamble if they are supposed to be gifts. All of the colors are great, but it would be nice to be able to choose with someone in mind. I was hoping to get a red pup for myself, but I guess we'll just have to order more and hope we get one! Again, I'm obsessed. But can you blame me? You can check them out and order them all up over here.



I am sure you have all played Jenga. Equilibloc is kind of like Jenga, but with colored blocks and dice! You roll the dice to see what color block you should take, so it's even trickier! When I saw it online I had to order it for us. However, I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed when it arrived in the mail. The colors aren't even close to what they show online. But still, it's a super fun game and Elliott loves it! It's the perfect family night game and it has quickly become a favorite. Along with the ring toss game of course. It's fun to see how tense this game can get! Elliott just thinks it's hilarious when one of us knocks the tower down. Not so much when he is the culprit. But ain't that the way it goes with toddlers?


We gave Elliott a Bilibo for Christmas, and at first he didn't take to it like I hoped he would. But over time he has become more and more interested and has used it as a book container, a bath for his toys, puts it on his back and pretends to be a turtle, but usually he sits in it and spins himself around. We recently bought another one for friends to play with when they come over. It was becoming an issue. I've heard the Bilibo called "the cardboard box of the 21st century" and at first I was skeptical. Cardboard boxes are pretty rad. But we do love the Bilibo! It's awesome for Elliott's imagination and I love that it doubles as a toy and as toy storage!