I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Now on to the new year. These are so much fun! Not to mention super easy to make. We plan on using them for New Year's day for a little breakfast or brunch. I am still coming up with my own resolutions, but I have a few I want to force on Elliott. Kind of defeats the purpose though I guess. If you want to make some for your family, you can see the resolution cups tutorial over here, and the party hats over here! Happy partying and happy new year my friends!



I am so ready for the weekend. Today, Elliott and I are taking off early for a play date and some much needed mom and me time. Most of this weekend will be filled with Christmas preparations, a couple of parties and hopefully a little relaxing. But before we head out for the weekend, we wanted to leave you with a little DIY you can do over the next few days with the kids. Snowmen window clings! We love us some window clings. These little snowmen are so easy to make and the kids will absolutely love them. You can make some accessories like a top hat,  scarf and  pipe for the kids to help decorate them too. Check out the full tutorial and make your own over here on Momtastic. Happy weekend!



A few months ago Elliott was watching me play around on illustrator and he said "make me!" so I did. I made a shape that had some of his characteristics and added legs. He requested I make more of other people he loves and before we knew it we had a whole family of shapes! Thus, the Shapelys were born. I kind of love them, so don't be surprised if you see them pop up in other projects down the road. It being the holidays and all, I thought it would be fun to turn the family into a memory game! Perfect for stocking stuffers, don't you think? All you have to do is print them out (here), then print the polka dots on the back (here), cut and play. Be sure to print them out twice so you have pairs to play with. You could even laminate them for extra protection from little hands! I hope you love these little guys as much as we do!


Wrap them up with some twine and they are ready for gifting! 

In case you missed it, you can download the Shapelys here and the polkadot backside here.



We really love advent calendars around here. I think this will make our third one! This one might be my favorite though. So far. If you have a jar, some paper and a couple of paint pens, you can make this and enjoy it with your little ones counting down the days to Christmas! You can see the full tutorial over here on Handmade Charlotte. Happy counting!



What's better than a balloon animal? A balloon animal that will never pop! Aren't these adorable? I am seriously obsessed with these guys. I want to collect them all and line them up on my desk so I can look (play) at (with) them all day.  I found them a few months ago when I was drooling over the goodness that is The Land Of Nod and when I saw them, I knew we needed some. My justification was that they would be the gifts Elliott gives to his little friends for Christmas. And while that is still true, I may have ordered a couple more than we needed. Elliott hasn't seen them yet, because we are going to give him one in his stocking - they are the perfect size for it! They come in two types, the pups (dogs) and the corns (unicorns) and  each comes in a bunch of different colors. The only thing is, you can't choose what colors you order, it's a surprise! Which can be a gamble if they are supposed to be gifts. All of the colors are great, but it would be nice to be able to choose with someone in mind. I was hoping to get a red pup for myself, but I guess we'll just have to order more and hope we get one! Again, I'm obsessed. But can you blame me? You can check them out and order them all up over here.