The fourth of July is next week! I can't believe it. When I was a kid I loved sparklers (still do!) but I would always hold it with the very tips of my fingers for fear of getting burned. Knowing that Elliott is a lot like me in that way, I made these little sparkler holders to help prevent that. They worked like a charm! I made them in stars and USA maps to keep with the patriotic theme. Though the map was a bit harder to make, it's my favorite. If you're spending the fourth with littles and sparklers, then these are perfect for you! 
Start off printing off the shapes you would like. I just borrowed some images from google. Super easy. Then cut them out. 
Next, trace the shapes onto some cut up cardboard. I used a wheat thins box, but any thinner cardboard will do.
Then cut out your shapes! Again, the stars were way easier than the map, but I still think the map was worth the hand cramp.
 Now grab some patriotic duct tape and cover your shapes! 
You can trim off the tape one of two ways. You can try scissors which can be a little frustrating but still works, or grab a cutting mat and an exacto knife. It's way faster and cleaner with the knife.
Now that your shapes are all trimmed up, use an awl to make a hole in the center for the sparklers to fit through. You could use a hole punch as well, but the hole will be bigger.
 Now stick the sparklers in and you're ready to party!