I know Rita's is a nation-wide company, nothing exclusive to New York or Hoboken but we just recently discovered it and love it. I love the stripes on the branding and the vanilla custard waffle cones. Preston loves a good swirl in a cup. And Elliott loves anything with sugar. And it's right next to Charritos, so yeah. We really love it. Have you tried Rita's? Is it not frozen heaven? The perfect summer treat!


I hope you all had a wonderful memorial day. The forecast had originally said we would get rained out, but we are so glad the weatherman was wrong! The water in the local parks was finally turned on, so of course we had to get in on that. Would you look at Elliott's shorts? I mean, they were tight and small to begin with. That's just the style of them. But now? It's getting to be a little much. I'm thinking he might need some new ones. Yes? Maybe I'll try these ones next.

For the rest of the day, we spent time with friends, grilled up some delicious food some of which was corn (yum!) and Elliott, being the proper lad he is, insisted on eating his with a fork. He gave up after a valiant effort of 5 minutes. And we ended the day with some patriotic (kind of?) strawberry shortcake! All in all a fantastic day.


We had a fantastic weekend. Perfect weather and friends in town is a guaranteed great time. It was a pretty chill weekend overall. No running around trying to do everything we want while we have people in town. They just wanted a fun weekend with us. We walked around a lot, saw the amazing skyline at night and of course, ate amazing food. We hit up the library and craftiness for mama, and the park and chocolate shake for little man. Preston went to Philadelphia for a day and of course, took no pictures. ha! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, happy Monday!


I'm sure you've heard of mommy and me dates. Where the mom and child go on a special date together. Well, even though every day is kind of like a mommy and me date for us, Elliott and I decided to make a date around Hoboken.
We walked around for a while and saw a pretty cool fire station. But after a while of walking, Elliott expressed he was hungry. I had a Starbucks gift card so we went there for lunch. He got to pick whatever he wanted and I was pretty surprised by his choices. We split a bagel and OJ and he had an applesauce pouch. And I had some money left on the card so I bought the Hunger Games soundtrack. Yes I did.
Then we hit up some great sales. He literally walked out of the store with this on. I'm not quite sure how I missed it. Sneaky little guy.
That's right. A park on an island literally on the Hudson.
The really cool super big playground was overrun with tweens who were trampling the younger kids, so we played at the baby playground. He still loved it.
We walked all over Hoboken and loved it. Hoboken is only one square mile, but there is so much packed into it, it feels like we will never do it all! We had a great time and Elliott asked if we could "go a date" again tomorrow. Sure bud. I'd love to!