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You remember our Oscars party, right? This year we had our guests each bring a themed appetizer and we provided the desserts. I made these little layered cakes for each of our guests. I had initially envisioned them to be a bit smaller, but it turns out it was the perfect amount of cake for our friends. I made even smaller, single layered cakes for the kids to enjoy, but of course I neglected to get any pictures. Want to make your own? Of course you do! 

The cakes are made by baking the cake batter in a cookie sheet pan and using circle cookie cutters to cut out each layer. I found that if you wait for the cake to cool completely, the circles cut a lot cleaner. I made a vanilla bean buttercream frosting to add between the layers and on top. I wouldn't suggest trying to ice the whole cake if you do the cookie cutter way because the sides were pretty fragile and crumbly. For the cake I just used super moist boxed cake mix. I know, I know, but it is really good and I just didn't have time to make my own. Plus I wanted three flavors of cake and there was no way I was making three cake batters from scratch! Now for the frosting, I made a super easy vanilla bean buttercream that is out of this world good. Basically the recipe is softened butter, powdered sugar, a teensy bit of milk and real vanilla bean. Use the milk and the powdered sugar to get the right consistency you are going for and that's it! Throw it all in the mixer and play around with the amount of powdered sugar till it tastes perfect. Then pipe your heaven sent frosting onto your little cakes and prepare to devour. In the end it was a fun dessert for a special night. These would be a lot of fun to make for a little one's birthday or for a fancy Easter party. Just a thought. 

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