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I neglected to take very many pictures throughout the evening - oops. I guess that's a sign of having a blast! It was a total success, even if my favorite didn't win the gold man. We had our guests bring an appetizer themed off of one of the films nominated for best picture. I loved seeing their creative appetizers! I was in charge of the desserts. We had some double layer cakes for each guest - they were supposed to be a lot smaller than they turned out, but hey, no one is complaining about having too much cake. I also made some chocolate covered strawberries. We had metallic fringe, balloons and the posters as the decor. The kids loved their walk of fame stars too! They quickly saw that there was a star for each of them with their name on it and as predicted, they were thrilled. As for the Oscars themselves, Ellen rocked it. It felt like the most put together and seamless ceremony to date. I don't think I even saw the actors or actresses mess up by walking off stage the wrong way. There was also no music to tell the winner(s) to stop talking and get off the stage. At least not that we noticed, and it was kind of nice. Let the winners bask in their 58 seconds of glory on stage! Throughout the show we grownups played a game of Oscars bingo which was a lot of fun. I found the bingo cards over here for download. It was a really great night. I wish the Oscars happened more often! I mean, how could we not have a blast with friends who show up as super stars with their own paparazzi? It was a very good time.