Happy St. Patrick's day! We are having fun celebrating with our green, gold and rainbows today. Normally the leprechaun comes to visit us the night before and leaves a little gift for any little one sleeping in that house. Well, the leprechaun was running behind schedule, so he's really coming tonight. Ha! This weekend was a blast. Preston unexpectedly had a four day weekend, and boy did we take advantage. We explored a new to us park where we had a picnic lunch and fed the ducks oats. Did you know ducks love oats? Apparently bread isn't good for them, so next time you feed them, grab the oats! That night Elliott had the great idea to make homemade pizzas, so make homemade pizzas we did. I had forgotten how fun it was to make your own pizzas. All weekend long there was a kids film festival going on here in Salt Lake City. So of course we had to check that out. It was awesome. We saw Ernest & Celestine which is a french animation that was nominated for an oscar this year and I have to say, I think it deserved to win. The whole film festival, was so much fun! They had free pizza, apple slices and carrots, a photo area to feel like a celebrity and a whole lot of great activities to spark the imagination. It really was fantastic. If you are in the Salt Lake City area, you have to make sure to go next year. We'll see you there!