No lullaby

Hello, Friday! If you don't follow me on Instagram, then you are probably wondering about this picture. Every night, I sing a lullaby to Elliott. It's his favorite part of going to bed. This week we have been trying to focus a lot on being respectful to others, golden rule, yada yada, and as with most learning experiences you have to fail to learn. One night as I was singing he was disrespectful (apparently he decided he didn't want me to sing the same song he asks for every other night) and so we took the lullaby away from him for the next night. And you know what that boy said? Not "I'm sorry." Not a "I won't do that again." He said "You won't remember and you'll sing it anyway." And so! The sign was written up as a reminder to everyone that I, mommy was not to sing a lullaby to him that night. It drove him nuts! He hated that reminder being up all day. And that night, he knew he was not getting a lullaby and was apologizing for being disrespectful. I would call that a great parenting moment folks. We're still working on the whole respect thing, but I'll take any progress I can get.

What are your plans this weekend? We don't have any super fun plans yet, but sometimes that's kind of the best isn't it? Whatever you do, have a great weekend! 

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