Easy yarn art (click through for instructions)

Need some fun and unique art for your home? Of course you do! I made this the other day with Elliott and we had a great time doing it. We made some little hearts as well, but I think a shapes learning activity might be in order next! All you need to make your own is some yarn, glue, and parchment paper. 

Easy yarn art
Easy yarn art

First write out your word or shapes with the glue. Don't be shy with it! The more the better.

Easy yarn art

Carefully lay your yarn on top of the glue pushing gently as you go. Feel free to adjust it as you see fit! Next add more glue to the top and sides of the yarn using your fingers to smooth the glue over. You want the yarn to be pretty soggy. Wait for it to dry completely (probably over night) then carefully pull it up from the parchment paper, scrape the excess glue off and hang it up with a couple of finishing nails. Easy. right? 

Easy yarn art (click through for more)

I want to make one for Elliott's room, but I am having a hard time deciding on what it should say. Suggestions welcome!