Yep, we finally did it! I read the book and went to work. It was actually kind of fun! Extremely frustrating at times, but less than a week and more than a few accidents later, he's waking up dry and doing almost everything on his own. I know what you're thinking. "Kersey, why on earth would you potty train your child right before moving across the country?" To that I say, it just had to be done. He asked for his diapers for the first few days, but now he loves his big boy underwear.

If you are needing to potty train soon, I highly recommend two things. One, this book. Once I read the first part of it, I was good to go. The book suggests you to use a wetting doll to show your child and have them teach the doll how to use the toilet. We didn't want to buy a $60 doll for a boy for potty training, so we used Panda and added a pair of underwear. It was perfect!  The second thing we recommend is this seat. We only have one bathroom, and it's very small so a separate potty for him was out of the question. He knows how to put the seat on himself, and takes it off after he's finished using the toilet. It's the perfect solution! I also think it will make the transition from his training seat to a regular toilet seat easier down the road. We really do love potty training. Well, we love being potty trained. The diaper bag is lighter, the boy is happier and mama has more time in her day! It's a beautiful thing.