I had some plain white pillowcases, and thought "Elliott could use a cute pillowcase" So made him one, I did. It's a basic freezer paper project, but instead of doing something intricate and hand cramping, I did scallops! Elliott thinks they are "like water" but I love them. So much.
Here is what you'll need to make your own:
Freezer paper
Fabric Paint
Foam Brush
Scissors - I love mine!
Something to trace a circle (a jar in my case)
Plain Pillowcase
Tear off a section of freezer paper the same length as the pillow case and use the jar to trace half circles close together to get the scallop look.
Cut out the scallops and position on your pillowcase, make sure it lines up well with the seam in the pillowcase. Don't want it looking all wonky once it has the pillow in it!
 Iron on the freezer paper really well. Again, make sure it's all lined up.
Paint! I only did one coat on mine, but depending on the color of the case and the paint, you may want to do more. Allow it to dry and you're done!
I think he likes it.