I know it's out of focus, but I love it.
What a beautiful weekend! Friday and Saturday were spent with little friends celebrating with egg hunts and parties. It took Elliott all of 2 seconds to figure out the more eggs you find, the more sweets you get. And of course, Easter was fantastic. We had some friends over for dinner and some of the festivities, had some amazingly delicious food, and a lot of fun. The men hid the eggs for the egg hunt for Elliott (he was the only kiddo) and he did remarkably well with it! The guys hid some of the eggs out of reach and a few in some precarious places (men!) But he found them all! Every time he found one he would hold it out to us to show us and then shake it to make sure it had goodies inside. If nothing was shaking, he knew it was a real egg and quickly discarded it by throwing it on the ground. Smart Silly boy. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well! Happy Monday!