a visit to the pier

The other night we took a stroll down to the pier here in Hoboken on the Hudson river. It was one of those "it's so beautiful out, the air seems fresher" kind of evenings. On the way there, we happened upon this completely random coin operated horse. Of course, Elliott had to ride it. Alas, we had no quarters, but he was still stoked about it. 
This was the first time for Preston and Elliott visiting the pier here in Hoboken. I visited once when my mom was in town, and loved it. It was so much fun watching Elliott "run so fast" around the pier and point at the water and ask to "go in there." And, I'm not sure what they are officially called, but the the viewing, touristy, telescope things which are normally a quarter or two to operate, are free there! It's awesome to get a close up look of some of New York's famous buildings from a distance. There were beautiful sailboats and sweet families out for evening strolls. Oh, and let's not forget the drunk guy muttering random profanities. 

It was a perfect evening!