oscars wrap up

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? I have to say I was thrilled to see my favorites win in so many categories. The party was a blast too :) We loved it so much I think we just might make throwing an Oscars party a tradition, so you should definitely join us next year! These are just a couple of pictures taken right before the food table was devoured at the party. And yes, those are edible gold stars on the cupcakes. I couldn't resist! Did you go to an Oscars party? I'd love to hear any fun details from the evening!

As far as fashion goes, I was enamored with quite a few of the gowns. There was quite a bit of purple and red this year, didn't you think? As well as some lace, which was lovely to see. And lets not forget the dapper men of the evening as well. What were your favorite "best dressed" for the evening?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend whether it was Oscar filled or not. Happy Monday!