have an amazing weekend

{Photograph by: In Most Light}

Friends, what are your plans this weekend? Apparently I am in for a surprise tomorrow, my sweet husband and other various family members have planned a fun (child-free) outing to celebrate my birthday. I gotta say, I'm excited! And Sunday we are hosting a little Oscars party, so if you're in the area and give a hoot about the Oscars or just wanna hang, come on by!

Have an amazing weekend friends, here are my links for the week.

{Adorable monster tote}
{Fantastically beautiful dip dyed cards}
{Learn how to block print - you know you want to}
{I'm a sucker for perfectly designed packaging}
{Incredible video on organizing your bookshelf}
{If I didn't think Elliott would poke his eye out, we'd try this}