4th of July

Why does the 4th have to come only once a year? We had a great 4th of July weekend! Per usual it was filled with great people, delicious BBQ, fireworks and a whole lot of fun. We went to my parents for the celebrations, they have the best outdoor space so we hung out in the backyard eating and playing and relaxing and eating. Seriously, so much fun.

4th of July!

Elliott had a blast with his pop-its! They were less fun to clean up up, but you know. It was really hot, so the boy played quite a bit in the hose, hence the wet shirt. 


And then there was fireworks. My parent's neighbors do their own show every year, so we bought some to do along with them and it was so fun! Having the fireworks burst right above you was both amazing and scary. Ha! Elliott thought it was the greatest thing and keeps asking us to go get more fireworks. It was a fantastic ending to an awesome 4th of July.


Ok, so this didn't happen on the 4th, but I had to include it! On Saturday, we went to the pool and well, the photo explains it all. My boy overcame his fear and jumped off of the diving board! After he went the first time, that was it. He went over and over and over until the pool closed. It was awesome! I was one proud mama and I can't wait to go back and watching him do it again, and again. I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!