Simple Easter basket ideas - click through for more

I am the first to admit it, sometimes with holidays like Easter I can get a bit carried away. This year I thought it would be fun/a good idea to put together a basket of a few simple ideas that your kiddo will love and you won't go broke buying things that are Easter themed sure, but your kids will likely lose interest in the next day. 

Simple Easter basket ideas | And We Play

Peep bubbles - great for having fun with the day of! I got these at CVS, but I hear they are at Target too. Adorable!

Notebooks - these are the best thing ever. Elliott just loves them! Each book has a different theme (swirls, lines, scribbles) and they are great for igniting your little one's imagination and drawing skills.

Straw pinwheel - I found these in the dollar section at Target. They came in a pack of different colors and added bonus, they actually work!

Candy - It just wouldn't be an Easter basket without some candy! Throw in some chocolate carrots, some egg shaped gum, and whatever else you want in a few plastic eggs. These confetti peeps though. They are killing me. SO cute.