DIY Easter erasers | And We Play
DIY Easter erasers for kids - the perfect basket filler!

I was walking the isles of a store I had no need to be in and I found these adorable mini cookie cutters for Easter. So of course I instantly started thinking up ways to use them and this was my favorite idea. Easter erasers! They are the perfect thing to fill those plastic eggs for your kids' baskets, or better yet, make them with the kids so they can have some fun too!

DIY Easter erasers for kids | And We Play

To make them you'll need eraser clay, I love this brand. Then just treat it like regular clay (knead it, roll it out and cut it) For the color-blocked ones, you will want to make sure they are about the same thickness and join them together with two flat edges. Also, before you cut, flip them over and get rid of the crease that keeps them separate by gently pushing the clay colors together. This will help them become one without ruining the look on the front! For the marbled ones, just take a little bit of that color and a little of this color and lightly mix them together. Mix them too much and the marble effect won't work. Then use the cutters to cut out the shapes! I cut mine directly onto a cookie sheet so I don't have to move them before baking. Follow the instructions that come with your clay and you'll be just fine!

DIY Easter erasers | And We Play

After baking (again, follow those instructions!) you should be good to go! Stick them in eggs, baskets, hand them out at school, it's all good and highly encouraged. Have fun!

DIY Easter erasers - great basket fillers!
DIY Easter erasers | And We Play
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