Little explorer

Happy weekend! Guys, I will never tire of exploring with this kid and seeing the world through his eyes. It's the best. This weekend should be a good one. We have a lot of fun planned and very little work. So yeah. It's going to be a very good weekend. Today is my mom's day. For mother's day my sister and I gave my mom a girl's day out and she is cashing it in! So I am in for a day of shopping, the movies and of course, delicious food. I can't complain. Tomorrow we are spending some time, just the three of us and going to Elliott's girlfriend's dance recital. Talk about adorable. Whatever you have on your agenda, make it a good one! 

This week's favorite links:

Nothing like a paper bag puppet!

Because the dolls need to play too.

How fun would these be hung up in your home?

Perfect for a circus or carnival themed party.

Maybe the RADdest party for a one year old. Ever.

Think I could trick Elliott into eating this?

These guys make me happy.

Cute and easy. Just how I like it.