Tiger boy

Remember these animal masks from Valentine's day? Even though they are flimsy plastic, they are still going strong and Elliott still plays with them on a pretty regular basis. I love it when something cheap and simple turns into hours of fun! More often than not I think Elliott has too many toys and I just want to get rid of 90% of his things. Then this happens and I'm SO glad I didn't toss it all. Maybe it pays to be a toy hoarder? This weekend we went to a dance recital Elliott's little girlfriend was in and we brought her some flowers. They were some of the most beautiful peonies ever so of course I had to buy some for myself too. I'm kind of obsessed with them and am secretly wishing to myself that they will never die. Immortal flowers isn't too much to ask, right? So we'll see if that wish comes through for me. Happy Monday!


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