Adventure Time Piñata
Finn piñata

I have never seen the show Adventure Time, but my nephew loves it and when he requested a Finn piñata for his birthday, you know I couldn't say no. Challenge accepted! I think it turned out pretty great and it was so rewarding to see his face light up when I showed it to him. Does a heart good. It's kind of strange making a piñata you know you are going to smash to bits. It gets me excited! You spend so much time on the construction making it perfect, and a few minutes later it's a pile of rubble on the floor. It's totally worth it. To make the piñata, I used the same method as the Jupiter piñata from his party last year. Just with a little more crepe paper. I made the face on my computer, printed it out and drew the shape of his head around that. Then cut it out with a blade or scissors and trace that shape again to make the back. After a ton of hot glue, some cardboard trim to connect the two sides and a whole lot of toys and candy for the insides, we had our piñata! Oh and I poked two holes in the top and pulled some string through for hanging the piñata up. Pretty basic piñata stuff. The kids had a grand time beating the treats out of it. I am finding that the older the kids are, the stronger I need to make it! My nephew loved the piñata. He said it was perfect, except Finn isn't hairy. Ha! Happy birthday to my favorite nephew!

Adventure Time Piñata