Last weekend was my nephew's birthday party and that boy is all about science. Mostly the human anatomy, but he'll take space too. For his piñata he asked me if he could have a Jupiter one. So this is what I came up with! I knew it would have to be detailed and accurate (science kid, remember?) so recreating Jupiter strictly from crepe paper was out of the question. And I thought since I was at it, I may as well make a moon one. Because, who doesn't love the moon? 
I found the best images I could and printed them out. The Jupiter images had to be printed out at a local print shop since I wanted them larger.
 Next, cut out the images with some scissors. It's mind blowing, I know.
For the cardboard, I used a tri-fold display board. You know those ones you used for your fourth grade science fair? That one. I took my handy spray adhesive and glued the images onto the cardboard.
The next part is slightly tricky. I used scissors as much as I could, but had to resort to wielding the exacto knife. Very, very carefully. But it was totally worth it.
Next I cut off a three inch strip of the cardboard and bent it around and hot glued it onto one of the circles. This is easy, but takes a little time since you want to make sure the glue is dried before letting go.
You will want to attach a string or wire or what-have-you to hang this lovely from when it's finished. I poked holes through the three inch cardboard and threaded some twine through. Now, fill the almost piñata with all of your treats and goodies and glue on the second image! 
Now to make it a real piñata. Fringe! I used tissue paper because I was all out of black crepe paper. And it had to be black because this is space after all. I cut three inch strips - enough to cover the three inch strip of cardboard - and fringed it with some scissors. 
Then, row by row, glue it on! I glued down some tissue paper before I added the fringe. Just so none of that unrealistic pesky white cardboard would peek through.
Voila! Not so hard and perfect for a science loving birthday boy.
In case you're wondering why these children have no clothes, it was a swim party. Very eclectic.