Printable easter kids coloring pages
Printable kids coloring pages for Easter!
Printable kids coloring pages for Easter

Ready for a printable? Of course you are! We have been having a lot of fun coloring these. They are the perfect thing to print off and get your kids pumped for Easter! You can download the eggs here and the bunny here. Print off a bunch because trust me, your kids will be addicted. Elliott has been asking me to print off more and more for him to color. He has even started cutting out the eggs and hiding them in plastic eggs for us to find. Man I love that kid. He named the rabbit Leo and added the bow tie, which of course I love and wish I had thought to add when I designed it. The point is, your littles will amaze you when you let them loose to create. And that is the best. Happy coloring!

Easter coloring pages for kids
Printable coloring pages for Easter