A few weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram of Elliott wearing suspenders and I had a few requests for a suspenders DIY. So, here you go! They were easier than I thought they would be to make. I actually made two pairs in the time I thought it would take to make one. It was pretty easy to find the supplies too. They sell the fasteners and elastic in pretty much any craft store. I love them and Elliott loves wearing them! 

Measure out the length of elastic to about 30 inches. You might want to make them smaller or bigger based on the size and age of your little one. Depending on the type of fasteners you get, you'll want to loop the elastic through and fold it over and sew, sew, sew! You'll want to make sure it's plenty strong. These are for kids after all! 

Cross over the elastic lengths and sew them together in a diamond shape. This won't be in the center of the elastic, but further down and right square in the center of the back. 

This is totally optional, but I wanted to have some suspenders that would grow with Elliott, not just made for his current shortness. So I added some adjusters to make them...adjustable. Again, you could totally skip this step, but in case you don't, again make sure you sew it over and over to ensure strength. And that's it! Not too hard, right? Totally worth the outcome.

Despite Elliott's expressions, he really does love his suspenders. He thinks he looks so fancy.