After the skeleton idea went out the window (fickle child) we were pretty excited when Elliott decided he wanted to be Elliott for Halloween. As in Elliott from E.T. And yes, they spell their names the same. This is the easiest and totally practical costume. We had just about everything he needed already and what he didn't have, is completely usable after Halloween! I love it. The E.T. doll would probably be the hardest thing to find. Elliott was given it when he was born (it's a family favorite) but if you can find the doll, the rest is a cake walk. When someone asks Elliott what he is going to be for Halloween he replies "I'm going to be Elliott from E.T. at the ending when E.T. goes home." Such a clear explanation. To attach the milk crate to the bike, I just used a couple of zip-ties. Worked like a charm. And if using a bike seems like too much of a hassle, you can just attach the milk crate to the jeans with a belt! Hands free for candy grabbing. It's all about the candy grabbing. 


This is Elliott's impression of what it would be like to start flying on a bike with E.T. Scared at first, then hands in the air having a blast. Man I love this kid.