A few months ago a friend of mine told me Target had some great classic books with all gorgeous new covers. And in the dollar bins no less! We headed straight for the nearest Target to get some and we have loved them ever since. I especially love the clever and colorful covers. We have been reading a chapter or so out of one of the books each night for the last little while. Elliott loves them! Preston's great talent for doing voices while he reads certainly has something to do with that. Elliott has especially been loving Pinocchio. Which, for anyone who doesn't know, is quite a bit darker than the Disney version. We love it! Elliott has even requested we print out pages from the book for him to color. As he colors, he tries to do the voices and tell the story. It's so sweet. If you can, get to your nearest Target and buy these. They are a treat for the whole family and are sure to stick around for years to come.