I decided to do a two-for-one DIY this week since last week I went a little MIA. But you forgive me, right? These party blowers and garland are so easy to make and a lot of fun for little ones. Elliott loved trying out all of the different shapes. He calls the heart the "love you shape", even though he knows its called a heart. That cutie. All you need to make these are some card stock, shape paper punchers and a 1/2 inch hole punch. Oh yeah, and some party blowers. Just punch out the shapes, punch out the hole with the 1/2 inch punch and stick them in. They're that easy! Of course you can do any colors you would like and any shapes you fancy. You can also just cut out the shapes if you don't have shaped paper punches. 
For the garland, pick a shape - or all of them - and punch out the shapes. Grab some twine and some tape and put it together. Again, it's that easy. 
Then just hang the garland, and get to partying!