It's Cinco de Mayo this weekend! Are you throwing a little fiesta? If so, make this piñata blindfold! Because you will have a piñata, right? Right. It takes just a few minutes and it makes swinging that stick a little more tricky. I wouldn't suggest letting little ones (or grown men) swing away indoors while blindfolded. Things can be broken and tears shed. So if you're throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, here's how you can make this festive blindfold!
Cut the front of a cardboard box off. I went with the mac n' cheese variety, but any will do.
Grab some white duct tape to cover up the mac n' cheese. We don't want people getting hungry while they are swinging for that piñata! 
Draw the shape of your mask. Feel free to get creative! I didn't. 
Cut some strips of tissue paper and make them fringy. 
Now take said fringy strips and start adding them layer by layer to the mask starting at the bottom and working your way up. Make sure they overlap! You don't want that white poking out too much. I added my strips with tape, but you could use glue too.
Once you have all the fringy layers, cut around the edges to get that mask shape back.
Punch a hole on either side of the mask and try to keep them even. It just makes for a better mask.
Now attach some string to both sides and trim it up. Now you're done!
For those wondering where I got this glorious striped stick, I made it! It's just a large, large dowel rod that I taped up and painted. So I guess you can consider this two DIYs in one! Lucky you. Happy Cinco de Mayo!