Every mom deserves an award, don't you think? Elliott and I made some of these for some of our favorite moms for Mother's Day. They're a lot of fun and oh so easy. Seriously, a child could (and did) do it. With help of course. I think they would be great to pin onto a new tote as a gift or even as a gift topper! Fun, right?
Now for the instructions. I kind of forgot to take step by step instructions. They were pretty fun to make! Here we go. I used a wheat thins box for this one. But a granola bar box or cereal box would be fine. Draw the shapes you want and cut them out. Next, grab our friend duct tape and cover away! I put on white over the whole thing first, then added the second color for the bottom part. Then trim off the excess. Use an exacto knife to cut off what the scissors can't get. To make the letters, tear off a piece of duct tape and put it on the cutting mat and use the exacto knife to cut them out. So easy. So so easy. You can do anything you want. Mom, Mama, Ma, Granny, you name it! The ladies getting these will love them. A lot.
Add pin backs and you're done!