The last few days were pretty packed. Not really any time for relaxing, but that's the way it goes sometimes! Saturday was filled with grocery stores, haircuts and various errands. Sunday we went on a nice walk and my boy picked me some flowers (weeds), and we saw one of our favorite houses in our neighborhood. It really is the best little neighborhood. The houses are all so unique and pretty. After our walk home from church, we drove up to help my parents move into their new home. They have the best backyard! Elliott and his cousins played outside happily for hours on end. It was glorious! This week will be fun too. Lots of mama's day DIYs coming up! Happy Monday!

Mother's day is on Sunday. Being a mom is a lot of work and a lot of responsibility  We are molding these little ones and setting an example of who they can be. Kind of scary at times. This clip is a good example of how moms can set a great example for their kids. Pretty touching stuff! This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting Ardor and our sponsors!