This weekend is another doozy and with both Elliott and I being sick, it should be interesting! I'll be at the SLC Pop-Up Shop all day tomorrow, so if you're in the area, pop by and say hello! I have no idea what Preston and Elliott will be up to while I am "working" but I am sure it will be good boy fun and I am sure Elliott's new "fan-some" boots will be involved. On a more serious note, we have been glued to the TV and our computers watching for updates on the tragedies happening in Boston and Texas. Over the past few days we have gasped from shock and cried for the victims and families involved in these horrible events. But our hearts have also been filled with a sense of unity with the people in Boston and in Texas, even though we are across the country. The way these people have helped one another and loved complete strangers is heart warming. We cannot imagine what they have been going through and we will continue to think of them and pray for them. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.