The SLC Pop-Up Shop was awesome! If you didn't make it by and could have, shame on you. But I think they will put on another one soon so you can remedy that mistake. The vendors were incredible and the customers were so kind and in general awe of the amazing goods being sold. Also, waffle love was there which was as always, a huge hit. We got our own stash of goods and are in love with them all. The decorations were awesome, Brittany made the most amazing SLC pinatas, and her giant flowers sold out in no time. It was a grand time and a great success. You'll notice Elliott's face of sadness above. He and Preston came to visit me during the day (mostly to get waffles I think) but Elliott's girlfriend (she's also four and pretty much his best friend) was there and they embraced and played and colored on their faces and hands. Then Elliott left for a while and when they came back, his little lady was already gone. Hence the sad face and the war paint. That night we watched a movie as a family and just relaxed and Sunday we had a BBQ with some friends and did some more relaxing. Overall it was a fantastic weekend. Happy Monday!

P.S. The first picture was borrowed from the amazing Nic Miller. I'm in the way back, can you see me?