I couldn't help myself. It had to be done. A surprise ball bunny style! They are always a hit and are obviously popular with our family and well, I just love making them. As evidenced here and here. Now make your own bunny surprise ball, will ya?
First, gather your trinkets you want to include. Stickers and bouncy balls are great. A little hint, start with the biggest and bulkiest item and work your way out to the smallest and thinnest item. It makes for a smoother ball in the end.
Cut some strips of crepe paper. I usually do about 1/2 inch strips. They are just easier to work with and make the ball smoother on the outside. Tape the strips and start wrapping! You will need to use tape to keep the strips in place and to start a new strip. I suggest clear tape, but some fun washi tape could look cute too!
 Cut out some relatively the same size bunny ears.
 Attach the ears in the back with either tape or glue.
 Using some tissue paper or crepe paper, cut out and glue on the little face.
Do you see now how I couldn't resist?