This weekend was awesome. We had a grand time celebrating Elliott's birthday with family and friends. He loved everything about the day. Which of course, does a mama's heart good. Saturday night was very snowy and the roads were slick and I had no desire to leave the house. But Elliott was insisting that he wanted Cafe Rio for dinner (atta boy!) so out we went. Not one block from our house, we slipped on the ice and couldn't stop the car before we hit another car. I was a mess! Even though there was no damage to either car (miracle!) I was still taking deep breaths and shaking slightly 30 minutes later. Of course Preston was the calm and cool one, and Elliott was just worried he wasn't going to get his beloved quesadilla. Besides the little fender non-bender, we have been watching Peter Pan on repeat (a gift he received and loves!) and rocking out with his new not-so-electric guitar. It was a great few days. I'm going through all of the pictures from Elliott's party, so look for those soon! Happy Monday!