Sorry to leave you hanging last week. I didn't expect Alt Summit would whisk me completely away. Pretty nieve, I know. Well, the conference was amazing and a total success. I met with so many incredibly talented bloggers and sponsor representatives. Everyone was so kind and a blast to hang out with! I met bloggers who I pretty much idolize and of course they were just as wonderful in person. One of the highlights for me was hearing Katie Sokoler from Color Me Katie speak. Totally and completely inspiring! Besides the endless wealth of knowledge received from the incredible speakers, there were parties and hands on classes as well as a food tour around Salt Lake that I participated in. Yes. A food tour! Being new to Salt Lake City, I really loved the restaurants and other hot spots around the city we visited. The list of amazing restaurants to visit here continues to grow and we continue to be impressed. Overall, this weekend was mind blowing. I can't wait to get started on applying all that was crammed into my brain over the last few days! On another note, I missed my boys terribly. And I got to come home and see them every night! I can't imagine how all the bloggers who came in from out of state managed. They are stronger than I. I rather enjoyed waking up on Sunday morning to this face:
Happy Monday!