Huzzah for summer! Summer is by far my favorite season. Trips to the beach and the pool, walking into an air conditioned home after you've been out in the heat, icey treats on the front steps. We have a little splash park one block down from our apartment and we have gone everyday the weather has allowed us to. We have had Elliott in swim shorts as opposed to swim trunks for couple of years now. They are much more comfortable for him to run around in and he has always been a little short for his age, so the long board short type swim trunks usually hit him right above his ankle. Besides being practical, who doesn't love a chunky toddler in short shorts? He had

these shorts

last year, and they were perfect. I thought they would be fine for this year, but they were too tight. Even though we loved them, I wasn't loving the styles they were offering this year, and didn't want to spend that much for shorts I didn't love. Not that it's about me...

I found

these striped swim shorts

from Zara and loved the design


the price. The only trouble was the sizing...they were sold out of Elliott's size. So I bought the next size up hoping they would work and wouldn't you know it, they are perfect! The material is less cotton and more bathing suit like which makes it more stretchy and it dries in no time. I am seriously considering buying several more pairs for the years to come. I cannot say enough good things about these shorts. They just make me happy. Again, not that it's about me.

And of course, Zara made sure the package was wrapped up pretty. Elliott loved opening his "present"!