It's begun. The inevitable "dino" phase all little boys go through. I kind of knew it would happen, and so long as I don't start buying hideous clothing just because it has a dinosaur on it, I am A-OK with it. I found a bunch of $1 dinosaurs the other day at the store and when I gave them to Elliott he was super excited. But then he looked concerned. He held one out to me and said "I wanna paint it pink, Mom." Now that was something I could get in to! He started lining up the dinosaurs and assigning them painting colors. Blue, purple, green, yellow and pink. A few minutes later, he put me to work.
I only had pink, yellow and green but blue and purple are forthcoming! Elliott loves how they turned out. He said, and I quote "Mommy, actually..it's perfect!" Thanks, my boy. Anything for you. (Pats self on back)