Preston and I had the ultimate date night last night. We went and saw my absolute favorite band, The Shins and let me just say it was nothing short of incredible. We weren't allowed to take our real camera in, so instagram will have to suffice.
I had seen them once before, years ago. Long before Preston was in the picture and it was the best show I had ever been to. This time around it was even better and I'll give you one blonde haired, blue eyed guess as to why. I considered taking Elliott since it was technically an "all ages" show, but decided against it for safety reasons. The place was packed, a little smokey (ahem) and I loved every minute of it. Terminal 5 was the perfect venue. Big enough to accommodate the fans, but intimate enough so that when they pointed in your direction, you were positive they meant you. Not the schmuck behind you. On the way home, while singing for all of Manhattan to hear, we decided that should the Shins remain a band and touring, we would go and see them even as old people, calling out for them to sing our favorite songs. They are that kind of awesome. Thanks for the wonderful date night, Preston!