Say that title five times fast! In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, I thought it would be fun to have a few pinata-fied party poppers. I made these for our little family for the 5th. They will likely accompany some tacos and lime flavored drinks. Even though I am planning a Cinco de Mayo party for some little ones in the area, these didn't seem like the right party favor for a bunch of three year olds.
Party poppers
Double sided tape
Tissue paper
White paper
Mark the paper to the length of the popper and cut. Use the double sided tape to secure the paper to the popper. This will make the original design on the poppers kind of disappear. 
Cut your tissue paper into strips and cut in to fringe. My strips were about 1/2 in width. Row by row, tape the fringe to the popper starting with the bottom and moving your way up as to not cover up the pretty fringe.
Then, use a piece of tissue paper and cut it to the size of the top of the popper. Make sure not to attach the top to the sides of the popper. If you do, it might obstruct the confetti from popping out which is kind of the whole point! I cut a square of tissue paper and taped it to the top of the popper, then cut around to get it to be the same size. No perfect, but it works!
Now you're ready for your fiesta! Have a blast with your new poppers!